Ionic Pro's 'deploy' can affect to the real app?

Hi guys,
I’ve been using Ionic Pro.
And finally, I released my first app on GooglePlay.
After the launching,
I committed the new version to Ionic Pro for testing. and then, deployed it.
Of course, I didn’t release that version via GooglePlay console and didn’t update that on my Android device.
Then, on my device, it was already changed with my new test version which was uploaded on Ionic Pro.
Ionic Pro’s ‘deploy’ can affect to the real app which is being on GooglePlay?
How could it be possible?

FYI, on iOS, there’s no changes.

Yes, that is exactly what Ionic Pro Live Deploy is for - deploy changes to your app to all the apps installed out there without having to wait for the update to appear in the app store.

Thank you!
I didn’t know well about the concept of Live Deploy.

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