Ionic project with ui.bootstrap datepicker error

I have an ionic applicaion that I am porting to a web application by switching the templates so they use ui.bootstrap and bootstrap-sass classes

I am still loading the ionic bundle since it is an ionic project, but also loading bootstrap tpls.js

<script src="lib/ionic/js/ionic.bundle.js"></script>
<script src="lib/angular-bootstrap/ui-bootstrap-tpls.min.js"></script>

on a page that I am trying to use the ui.bootstrap datepicker i get this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of undefined
at ionic.bundle.js:36040
at ionic.bundle.js:35376
at Scope.$digest (ionic.bundle.js:22992)
at Scope.scopePrototype.$digest (hint.js:1966)
at Scope.$apply (ionic.bundle.js:23205)
at Scope.scopePrototype.$apply (hint.js:2029)
at done (ionic.bundle.js:18358)
at completeRequest (ionic.bundle.js:18548)
at XMLHttpRequest.requestLoaded (ionic.bundle.js:18489)

anyone ever see this?

is it a bad idea to use ui.bootstrap and ionic together?

I figured it would be better for the templates to use bootstrap instead of ionic for the web app. but i still have to load ionic since all the code is built around ionic. Is there a better, quicker way to go about this?