Can We Use Bootstrap 3 In Ionic?

hi everyone. I use bootstrap 3.3.7 in my ionic project. I include bootstrap before ionic.css. İt works,there aren’t any issues for now.But I have some doubts. Can I use bootstrap in ionic. Is it correct way ?. Bootstrap affect negative performance in my application.? Is there another alternative way or your suggestion? thanks…

I believe you can, but is it really necessary? Most of Bootstrap’s functionalities are implemented in Ionic’s styles and utilities.

Just so that I can understand, why do you need/want Bootstrap?

Yeah good question. :slight_smile: I will use some styles and utilities in metronic template and bootstrap includes in this template.
And I want to use alert error, alert warning class. But this is not so important situation for me.

Is it this one Metronic? If so, I wonder if it’s a good practice to mix jQuery and Angular, you could find some incompatibily issues on the way.

yeah this is. We passed this template in our project. So, I will use some styles and utilities of metronic. Mix jquery and angular is not a good idea. I read a article yesterday. I’m confused :S.

And I am new in Ionic. I started 1 or 2 month ago. By the way,I think metronic doesn’t use bootstrap so much .