Ionic Problem when scrolling

Hi everyone,

For begin, sorry for my broken English

Lately, I have a big problem when I scroll on the profile page of my Ionic project.

Here in picture what’s going on my device when I scroll. (I don’t have this problem in safari on mac, it’s only on device)

Below, a portion of the view

## What happens when I scrolling ![image](upload://h9LcnzMByn1GrqtQFmLJHB0ZhsR.png)

## For Finish, what happens when the scroll is finish ![image](upload://bhZZIQWX31je10MjrvK5f6IZeC6.png)

If everyone have an idea of what is this problem, thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

It’s ok, it was a problem on my SCSS file with the position absolute and z-index at -1;