Need a quick help on scroll issue


Hi everybody,

I need a quick help on a scrolling issue in ionic.

I’ve got a simple list in a content, but I don’t know why the scroll keeps coming back to the top of the list…

Anybody faced that issue ? I’ll try to post some code if no one had it…

I tried many things like ion-scroll, but no luck…

here’s an extract :

> <ion-view view-title="News">
> <ion-content scroll="true"> 
>         <ion-list>
>         <ion-item class="item-thumbnail-left" ng-repeat="item in items">
>                     <img ng-src="{{ item.image }}">
>           <h2>{{ item.album }}</h2>
>           <h4>{{ item.artist }}</h4>
>         </ion-item>
>         </ion-list>