Ionic pro login redirecting to the legacy

Ionic pro login page redirecting to legacy login. But i don’t have legacy account. How can i login to my ionic dashboard?

What URL exactly is redirecting where exactly?

On this page login option redirecting to legacy version when i click this link it opens the pro version sign in but after opening this page some second it redirect to the that is legacy version

  • Ok, so you start on
  • Then you click “Log in” on the top right?
  • Which URL is opened and loaded?
  • Then you “Log In” with the blue button and an existing account?
  • Then which URL loads and which dashboard is shown?
  • Then what happens?

When i click on log in button the below urls opened

and then after some second it redirect to the

What does that mean exactly?

Can you show the dev tools console and network tab while this happens?

after some 1 or 2 seconds

below in console tab


But the strange is in incognito mode everything is fine

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Same issue, cant login to pro.
Get redirected to

A Quick workaround:


  • Go to login

If the error persists:

You can also try login in incognito mode. It worked for me.