Ionic Pro Kick starter question

Hi there. I have my app source controlled in a private repo on github. If I want to use Ionic Pro’s deploy or package features, does the code for the app become public if I am using the kick starter plan?

Read the following instruction given by ionic forums for kickstarter plan. :point_down:

there is question in Frequently asked questions: How does public and private sharing with the View App work?

Thank you for the response. I suppose I worded my question incorrectly. If I DON’T use the view app, but I do want to use deploy and package, is the source that I push or upload to IONICs servers private or can other people see it?


no, your source code is private until you share your app id to other.
no one can access it without your permission.your source code always be private.public can view the app only.
but in kickstarter paln we have to use github repositories so your source code also become public

Below is your definitive answer from Ionic Support! Please keep in mind that the forum is not an official support channel, so we will not be answering replies on this thread. If you have follow-up questions, please contact us here.

Ionic Pro does not post your source code anywhere publicly. Git is required to push your code to your dashboard, but the ionic git remote is private, accessed securely via SSH. Your private SSH key is required to push code to your Ionic Pro account, or clone your repository.

Please note that GitHub and Git are very different things. Git is just the version control system. It has nothing to do with the public availability of your code. It is recommended, but not required, that you also use a separate service to manage your app’s source code (GitHub, Gitlab, etc.). These services typically offer both public and private options.

If you’re new to Git, the video here provides a great introduction. You can read more about using Git with Ionic Pro here.