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Hey all, has anyone use the new native build process from Ionic Pro? It seems that iOS build isn’t using the icons Orr splash screen.

As I understand it this is intended behaviour for development builds:

What’s the difference between a development build and a release build?

The Ionic Package service takes your Ionic project files and converts them into native APK and IPA files that are ready to submit to the App Stores. Development builds are native builds that allow you to install your app on a device for test and dev purposes only. The app icon and splash screen are both Ionic branded. Release builds are native builds that are meant to be deployed to the App Stores. With release builds, you can customize the app icon and splash screen with your own branding. Release builds also use a specific certification that is meant for production release to the App Stores; whereas, development builds use debug certs that cannot be used in the App Stores. -> Frequently asked questions

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Thanks for your response. I did read somewhere that there where some CLI commands to build in the cloud with flags to express the type of build. I also read and experienced that those commands weren’t act as of yet. So how would you make sure that it was a release version build using the browser interface?

What exactly do you mean? What doesn’t work yet as expected?
In the Ionic Pro dashboard you can select if you want to make a development or release build.

Well the CLI gives the error below. And for iOS the options from the dashboard are app store, development, ad hoc and Enterprise. It would seem that App Store option would be the release version, but it didn’t seem to have the icons I had in the resources folder of my project. Is there something I am missing? Thank you.

ERROR] Sorry! The configured backend (pro) does not know about ionic package build.

        You can switch backends with ionic config set -g 

As far as I know you now can only build in the web UI - no CLI any more.

I also would have assumed that “App Store” would build with your own resources.

Best contact support:

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