Can I append "--prod --release" to my production AppFlow Package builds?


My employer gave me access to an Ionic AppFlow “Starter” plan that includes the add-on for building native app binaries, but I have some difficulty in trying to differentiate between “development” and “production” builds within my app runtime code.

Since my main machine is a Windows PC, I create all the Android builds locally, in which I run ionic cordova build android for development builds and ionic cordova build android --prod --release for release builds. However, I don’t have ready access to a new enough Mac to build for anything newer than iOS 12, so I rely on AppFlow Package for this. Is there any way to have the same behaviour in building apps through AppFlow’s builds?

Basically, because I can’t build and run locally to debug on Apple devices, I have certain UI elements which contain debug information that I need to see in-app to allow me to debug and fix app issues. Currently I have to edit the command assigned to the NPM build script target to either include or exclude the --prod and --release flags each time I need a different build. Is this not something that AppFlow Package should (or could) handle through the “development” or “release” build types?

If not, is there something else that I can check in my app runtime code to tell which build I’m currently running?

Edit: Looking through the documentation and browsing the menu in my AppFlow Dashboard, I get the impression that the only way to control this programatically in the build process is with at least a “Growth” level Ionic AppFlow subscription… Is this correct?