Ionic Pro and Ionic v1 applications

Now that Ionic will be migrating to Ionic Pro, what does this mean for Ionic v1 apps? Will we have to do any recoding to v2 or beyond so as to adapt or will Ionic v1 still be supported? Thank you in advance for helpful advice!

I tried with our Ionic v1 app and I can’t get pass the loading screen that mentions ‘Shake to leave feedback’.

Yes, unfortunately for you the code base between ionic 1 and 2 is completety reworked. That doesn’t mean tons of work, but in a near future all V1 ionic apps will be deprecated sorry. The Ionic docs is not super clear about that, while it states the requirements for ionic pro : ionic 3 at least. I never wrote a V1 application, but i can see the code has nothing to do with what i wrote in January. I had to rewrite my code too when ionic database was abandoned without warning (2 weeks before drop). Now, for ionic 1 code, it was said it will not be supported in Ionic pro any more quite long ago (this summer or so).

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Cannot understand how Ionic did not specify this important piece of information anywhere on their documentation. Nothing on Ionic Pro, nothing on the blogs, and it seems that no one wants to help or offer any understanding when it comes to this situation. I have emailed support two days ago, hopefully a clear-cut answer is given once and for all.

I’m not sure I fully understand the responses in this thread. Its possible I may have missed some announcement somewhere but,

a) Ionic Pro is a “value added service”. It uses the free ionic framework and builds a full ecosystem of tools that makes it easier to develop, deploy and manage an application. To that respect “Now that Ionic will be migrating to Ionic Pro” is misleading. The Ionic team is migrating their “hosted value added service” to what is called “Ionic Pro” now. It has no relation to the core Ionic Framework (see below). What I mean by “no relation” is I’ve been publishing ionic apps on my own, without any use of “ionic cloud”, “ionic push” or “ionic creator” or “ionic view” etc - all hosted services they’ve offered in the past. Its an option - use it or do it on your own.

b) Ionic Framework (the SDK we all download using npm or others) is the ‘core engine’ that any one can use, irrespective of whether they also sign up on Ionic Pro (which is an optional service)

c) No one has said anything about Ionic v1 being deprecated at all. Ionic v1, Ionic 2, Ionic 3, Ionic 4 etc. are all evolutions of the free framework that Ionic releases

d) That being said, I can easily see that community support for ionic v1 has reduced (purely looking at number of threads). The ionic folks have stated they plan to continue supporting updates and patches to ionic v1 for the near future. But when that support ends, no one can tell.

This is my understanding. If this is incorrect, please correct me, If this is correct, the answers above will just lead to more confusion and misinformation. Maybe @mhartington and others can post a sticky here on what is correct and what is not.

  1. Ionic Pro

The Paid Build services. This includes Package, Deploy, Creator, etc

  1. Ionic Framework

The Framework/UI components themselves are and will always remain free and open source. That include Ionic V1, to 3.X currently, and any future version.
The UIkit and CLI tooling behind it will alway remain free and open source.

As for V1 support, we’ll make fixes for breaking changes (like the recent iOS11 updates), but we’re not going to be focusing on it. It’s feature complete for us.
Really, apps should be migrated to the latest version of Ionic and Angular.

Thanks for the clarification, Mike.