Ionic"windows") returning false on windows

I just realised that Ionic platform is returning false for Windows in a windows uwp app running on desktop.

When i check the platforms array, it only returns core and cordova.

I believe that this should be an error.

If i am running a windows app on desktop, it should still indicate windows

Hi layinka,

It will be better if you share your code

Here it is"windows")

This is retruning false, and it should be returning true as i am running a UWP app on windows 10 desktop

Run your app using command ionic lab, because i tried similar way and its working fine for me.

I am using TACO with Visual studio 2015, so i dont think i will be able to run this

And also i thought Lab has been discontinued.

Are you testing this with a Windows UWP app build on a windows PC?

You are thinking of Ionic Lab. That product has been discontinued. What @vnyksj was referring to was the Ionic CLI command, ionic serve --lab

I will try that, but i dont think it will help, as that wont be running on

I have the same problem. I’m developing a progressive web app, which, when running in a Windows browser should recognise the Win32 Platform, which it does (Augury inspect). But it still returns false.
Related issues:

I’m actually trying to use <… showWhen=“windows” hideWhen=“mobile” …> together, which is false && false in my desktop browser case.
Adding ?ionicPlatform=windows to the URL will

  1. apply windows styles (haven’t seen those until now)
  2. turn the above statement to true && false, which is also wrong, because it’s not a mobile browser

Shouldn’t work ionic properly without being deployed as a mobile app with cordova, just running in a browser?

I have the same Issue.

VS 2017 with tools for apache cordova. I use cordova 8 with ionic 3.
The app runs on windows, build as x86. Recognized platforms are cordova and core.

Recently I bought a new laptop initially it was good but after few days it shows an error windows defender error 577 when I tried to start my laptop it automatically off after few minutes, I think virus attack happened but I am not sure about it so I want a solution how to remove this error.

Ionic v4.x change WINDOWS to DESKTOP
Change this"windows")

Good luck.