Ionic.Platform.fullScreen() breaks scrolling in Android after keyboard is shown & hidden

Sorry about the lengthy title.

Running latest ionic (1.2.4), I spun up an example repo because it’s too hard to explain what’s going on without something to refer to.

So check out the example repo:

Basically, on Android, if you have ionic.Platform.fullScreen(); and a list of items and a text input on the same page, after focusing on the text input, scrolling no longer works. I am really not sure why. Reverting to js scrolling fixes it but presents other problems (see my other post about the soft keys obscuring the button at the bottom of my form).

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Same problem here. Any ideas?

@Ionicoser I made fullscreen false. That’s all I can recommend doing for now.

@sdhull Thats works for me too.

Same problem. Have dug around everywhere and short of hacking this to death, I can’t find a combination of settings that allows fullscreen and keyboard scroll.