Android fullscreen not working anymore

The keyboard seems broken and the fullscreen preference seems te be ignored. It used to work but I updated some plugins and now it’s showing strange behaviour. On app start everything seems oke. The problem arises when i use an input field. after the keyboard closes the soft keys stay on screen overlapping my tabs so the navigation is unusable. And the status bar is hiding my header bar. They disapear if I drag my status bar down and then flip it up again.

I use the following line in config.xml which used to work:
<preference name="Fullscreen" value="true" />

And i also provide these in my app.js:

         ionic.Platform.isFullScreen = true;

Are more people experiencing this? And more importantly did someone find a fix yet?

I’m having the same issue as well… Not sure when it started happening though.

i also manage to face that problem… even if I use overlayswebview set to true… it always overlaps to my header bar… don’t know what to do…