Page too heavy, Ionic App does not Load - How can I optimize?


I have a 22 page ionic app which was loading perfectly until I added one more page. The page has a bulky form with 21,686 fields. the HTML page is close to 3MB, and ts file is 1MB, but when I run ionic serve, it shows in the terminal that the app is published, but the browser loads for about 2 minutes, then shows this error:

I was thinking of implementing lazy loading, but i don’t know if it’ll make a difference, and I’m afraid about the limitations of lazy loading, whether or not the other views will slow down when individually clicked after the login page is loaded. Kindly advice. Thank you,


I don’t think lazy loading is going to help here. I would instead look for natural ways to break that 22K-field form up into more manageable chunks.

I actually did but it never improved start-up time. When I checked the url over at, I noticed everything was fine save for number of http requests. I make several requests as I need several forms of data in the first view all at different endpoints of the API (I have no control over the API end, just have to use what I receive.)

Once it loads, its very fast when browsing views, submitting forms, etc, but the load time in a real device goes upwards over 1 minute. I really appreciate your advice in advance, any pointers will do great. Thanks so much!