Ionic package with legacy app

Hi, I have a legacy project I’d like to build from my own repository.
I have provisioned a profile, but whenever i try to do ionic package, it does not find the new profiles.
I get:
Retrieving security profile ios - failed!
Request: GET
Response: 404
{ message: ‘Profile not found.’, type: ‘NotFound’, link: null }

Is this a restriction now?

What command are you using to build?

ionic package build ios --prod --release --profile ios
I’m trying now with “pro” instead of “legacy” backend

Now I have another issue:
“Source path does not exist: resources/ios/icon/icon-40.png”

Seems you are referencing a file in your config.xml that doesn’t exist. Check that.
(ionic cordova requirements might fix that)

hi how did you resolve this issue? I am encountering the same issue