Getting "Security profile not found. (CLI v2.0.0)" error

When issuing the command (so that I can build a sample app for iOS):

ionic package build ios --profile myApp

I get the below error

Security profile not found. (CLI v2.0.0)

From searching around I can’t see anyone report this same error?
I have generated my p12 and mobile provisioning file, created a Security Profile in in the appropriate location, settings > certificates.

Password supplied for the p12 file is also valid.

Anybody else met/overcome this error?

Not sure if you worked it out or not but i had a profile called “Production” android build worked find with --profile Production

same issue as you with IOS - then i did

ionic security profiles list and saw that the tag was lowercase

tried it with --profile production for the ios build worked perfectly


please could you write the complete command? I am stuck by generation ios publish on windows!

ionic package build ios --profile app1 --release
you say that "tried it with --profile production for the ios build worked perfectly"
how could you accoumplish this? what is the command? what is the procedure ? please help!

so you called your profile app1? Tee profiles should be named prod or dev.

ionic package build ios --profile prod --release

Hello Lol Stats!
Thanks for the reply!
I just figured out,

create a profile , I created “profile1”
I tried same command

ionic package build ios --profile profile1 --release

then error code changed,

"Selected security profile does not have credentials for the selected platform. (CLI v2.2.3) "

ok, I think, I have to configure some credentials or something. How can I perform this create a credential ?

I just want to get an ios .ipa file on my windows , to run my app in my apple phone / tablet

Ok I advanced next level, I saved a.txt , including hello in a.txt file, selected this file as “credentials file.” I implied command
ionic package build ios --profile profile1 --release


ionic package build ios --profile profile1 --release

the command line in green sentences, saying, “Your app has been successfully submitted to Ionic Package!”
Build ID: 1
that is cool!
I read your documentation, the next step is, to download build! (documentation: Ionic Docs - Ionic Documentation)

ionic package download 1
it says that
“Cannot download! Build “1” did not finish. (CLI v2.2.3)”
so, what am I doing wrong? I just want to obtain ios release file to install on my Iphone!