Ionic Package Service - apk size

I’ve been trying out the new Package service this morning. I don’t know if its the Package service that is causing my problem or not but my signed APK file is crashing on my device (it all works find when I run directly to the device using the ionic android run command). One thing I noticed is that the generated APK file that the Package service creates is 6.2 MB. My debug APK file is 26.9 MB. I use Crosswalk in the project and I didn’t think it was possible for the APK file to include that and be as small as 6.2 MB? Am I misunderstanding something? (this is my first Ionic project and my first Android build so I realise I may be doing something wrong)

I think I found the answer. I had added my plugins using

cordova add plugin 

and not the

ionic add plugin

This meant the files were not included in package.json and it looks like the Package service relies on this containing all the plugins.