Ionic package build error

Searching for new pods
Checking com.dbaq.cordova.contactsPhoneNumbers for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-app-event for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-badge for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-camera for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-compat for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-console for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-contacts for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-datepicker for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-device for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-file for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-file-transfer for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-firebase-analytics for pods.
cordova-plugin-firebase-analytics requires pod: Firebase/Analytics
Checking cordova-plugin-firebase-hooks for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-google-analytics for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-inappbrowser for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-splashscreen for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-statusbar for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-whitelist for pods.
Checking cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing for pods.
Checking es6-promise-plugin for pods.
Checking ionic-plugin-keyboard for pods.
Checking phonegap-plugin-push for pods.
Checking config.xml for pods.
Installing pods
Sit back and relax this could take a while.
e[33mWARNING: CocoaPods requires your terminal to be using UTF-8 encoding.
Consider adding the following to ~/.profile:

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Analyzing dependencies
Downloading dependencies
e[32mInstalling Firebase (4.0.0)e[0m
e[32mInstalling FirebaseAnalytics (4.0.0)e[0m
e[32mInstalling FirebaseCore (4.0.0)e[0m
e[32mInstalling FirebaseInstanceID (2.0.0)e[0m
e[32mInstalling GoogleToolboxForMac (2.1.1)e[0m
Generating Pods project

Integrating client project

Sending stats

e[32mPod installation complete! There is 1 dependency from the Podfile and 5 total pods installed.e[0m

Updating ios build to use workspace.
Adding schemes
Error: Cannot find module ‘…/…/node_modules/xcode’


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How did you solve it?

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I still have the same problem is there any solution?