Ionic on AppGuyver/Steroids

Just curious if anybody has run Ionic inside AppGuyver/Steroids yet (vs Cordova). Looking for a good front-end solution to work within Steroids.

And while I’m on the topic, how about Ionic within Meteor? (for some applications, meteor beats angularjs). Cheers!

I haven’t, but I know they’ve recommended topcoat in the past, and Ionic is basically topcoat plus lots more stuff, so it should work fine.

I know they use some native components in their stuff, and we have similar components you can use through normal web technologies, so you might elect to use certain parts of Ionic.

As for Meteor, I’m not too familiar with it, but it seems like it has a different scope than Angular (kind of like Firebase), so it should fit in just fine for what it does.

Hope that helps.

Hey Max, that helps a lot. I’ll check out topcoat for reference. Meteor has a front and back-end scope… you couldn’t use angular and meteor in the same project as meteor basically handles live collections in the front and back with all changes reflected to all clients in real-time. This is slick, but maybe not so great for mobile where connectivity can be spotty… worth a good look though just so you know about it, as it’s a front-runner against angular.

Oh and by the way, your forum software is also very cool, who built it?

You can combine the two, but some of their goals overlap, so I’m not sure how well it would work long term:

And the forum software is called Discourse, and it’s awesome :slight_smile: