Few total newbie problems


I am a damn total newbie in this APP thingy. I just know a bit of BootStrap and Photoshop. That’s it. Hope you get an idea of how dumb I am!

So I have installed ionic.

  1. Command ionic platform add android gives a error?
  2. ionic build android and ionic emulate android gives a error like “current working directory is not a cordova based project.”

And my main issue is

  1. ionic serve returns a blank white page.

Please help
Thank you


LOL … in any case 1 very good asset: honesty!

So a few questions/pointers:

  • did you do “ionic start whatever” before running the other commands? if not this may explain all of the other errors
  • item 2, yes that makes sense if item 1 failed - if “ionic add platform” fails then it’s not a “cordova project”
  • tip: do “ionic serve -c” and you’ll see logging in your console. So what do you see then? Errors?
  • and, most importantly: did you read the documentation? (‘RTFM’)


OK Thank you for the pointers :smile:
Let me try them now.