Ionic + Nodejs (Responsive WebApp for Mobile & Desktop)


Hey guys, I’m looking to create a progressive web app (PWA) that will function well on both a desktop and mobile browser (responsive). I’m thinking about using Ionic for the front-end and Node.js as the server (back-end). Is using the more recent version of Ionic (v2.2.3) good enough or is it worth it to get started on v3.0 (beta)? I’m fairly new to Ionic as a platform and am looking to create a responsive web app to start, but also have the future option of reusing the code for Android and iOS native apps. Thanks!


“Ionic” consists of several parts, and the versioning is not synchronized. Your 2.2.3/v3beta distinction is the CLI, and I would recommend staying with 2.2.3 now. The framework itself is currently at 3.1.1, and the 2.2.3 CLI is perfectly capable of utilizing framework 3.1.1.


Thanks a bunch rapropos, that clears up a lot. I was also spending a lot of time trying to integrate node.js as the back-end for the server and am struggling to find sufficient examples of that being done. Would you happen to have any resources on how I can integrate Ionic with node.js? Is it similar to how angular integrates with node.js in the MEAN stack? Thanks in advance!


Yep, Ionic is just the client talking to your backend via an API.


As far as Ionic is concerned, any backend that it talks to just speaks HTTP. Personally, I hate JavaScript with the fury of a thousand white-hot suns, so I do my best to avoid it whenever possible. I write my backends in Go, so sorry, don’t have any node.js resources. I know lots of other people like node.js, but it’s not my thing.