Announcing Ionic v6.1

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We added many new component features in v6.0, including the bottom sheet modal, revamped ion-datetime, and declarative overlays. In v6.1, we’re excited to add all sorts of enhancements to those components, making it easier than ever for developers to build and ship robust mobile apps. Let’s dive into the new features we’re adding in Ionic…



Maybe also mention a brief upgrade note - or at least where to find that info? (for Ionic < 6 && Ionic ===6)?

Very good, every day evolving and bringing wonderful components. I look forward to the team being able to work with ion-toast , add the manager functionality, to close the toast, what a top it would be.
Success team Ionic.

I agree with @Tommertom. It would be helpful if, with the announcement, there were a detailed guide to all the required steps to “correctly” update a 6.0.x Ionic app (React in my case) to Ionic 6.1.

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Speaking with no authority, just what I know :slight_smile:

Ionic is using Semantic Versioning so v6.1.0 is just the first minor release for v6. Everything since v6.0.0 so far has just been patch/bug releases. Running npm update is all you have to do to update. There are no breaking changes (following the logic of SemVer). I guess saying this in the blog post could be helpful especially for newcomers.


Thanks for the reply. It’s helpful.

However, my recent attempts to update to the latest capacitor packages hasn’t gone smoothly. I have a yet-to-be-moderated forum post asking for help (talk about frustrating). Thus my questions.

Hopefully your post will get approved soon. Upgrading Capacitor is mostly unrelated to upgrading Ionic.

Hey, really nice. Loving all these new features and improvements. One thing I miss tho is the abylity to check if ion-datetime is in the calendar mode (default) or in the other mode where you can change only month/year (like a picker of sorts). Users change to the second mode, change month/year and think they are good to go, and then proceed to get confused why the date didn’t change. So, maybe add a property or event so dev can know which mode is enabled.