Ionic Native Secure Storage Not Working on Android Q

We are having an issue with the Ionic Native Secure Storage plugin. When run on Android 9.+ API 29, an exception is being thrown:

android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: No Activity found to handle Intent { }

The Secure Storage plugin is a major player in our app. Is anyone else having this issue? Would anyone know of a good fix for this?

It appears that cordova-plugin-secure-storage is no longer maintained. This is a big problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on any other cordova plugins that allow for secured storage?

Hi, I am in the same situation. It seems that the was somehow never officially defined in the documentation (hidden feature). I am trying to find a parallel way to get a list with the unofficial intents but it seems to be complicated. I found info about some people trying to dump logs about the broadcast messages being sent in Android devices. Maybe could be a potential approach to capture the new name (if it was not removed/completely changed but renamed). I hope, we can find a solution soon.

I am trying to find an alternative plugin too, but no luck until now. Maybe with this new introduced feature in Android Q (, it is not anymore necessary to have a lock pattern/pin to encrypt the info and call the unlock intent but it would mean, a new implementation would be required for Android.

It appears to exist another thread in the plugin forum regarding this topic:

I’m currently working in a solution for this in a fork of cordova-plugin-secure-storage Please check this issue comment for more information:
Details for Ionic users included.