Intel App Security Plugin



I am curious about the state of this plugin:

It looks like Intel has quietly taken down their github repo for the cordova plugin (404):

Their documentation is still live, but it seems out of date as it still references the missing github page:

I am searching the web for any news/updates from Intel about the future of this plugin but I cannot come up with anything. Is this plugin still usable? Will it be supported in future versions of ionic?


Hi @tomhartz, any leads/help/answers towards this issue?
Hi @admins, can you help out here? I have submitted a query at Intel dev forum, but dint get any response yet.


Hey there! As far as I can tell Intel has decided to stop supporting the plugin with no public explanation or justification. Their documentation I linked above was Last Updated August 1, 2017.

I have since found other options that meet the needs for my current project. I would recommend looking into Keychain/Keystore, for which there are a few different cordova plugins available. I chose this one over the Ionic Keychain plugin, because it uses Android KeyStore and does not require a PIN on Android:

If you need to store more sizeable chunks of data, again there are a few different options, such as this encrypted sqlite database plugin: