Ionic Native In-App Purchase Plugins

There are two ionic native in-app purchase plugins. Is one significantly better than the other? I am initially interested in letting users buy an upgrade on Android and iOS and I know I have to provide a restore purchase functionality but I am not looking to do anything fancy.

In App Purchase was updated on github on Sep. 4, has a mock and has a comment about looking for maintainers. In App Purchase 2 was updated on github 22 days ago.

@thielcole provided some great advice regarding this topic in the two posts below. I’m currently trying to integrate the InAppPurchase2 plugin, but there isn’t a lot of docs or tutorials. Hope that helped.

Yeah guys. I haven’t seen a single doc or tutorial specifically talking about InAppPurchase2. Wish I could put a full example together but it would take some time, (particularly due to configuration issues)