In App Purchases - Ionic

Hi all,
have you an example of InApp Purchases for android and ios platform with ionic2 ? (Or other payment method)

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There are no example, but you would need to use a cordova plugin for this.

ok I will try to setup this plugin with ionic 2
Thank you mhartington

Hello !

Has somebody have been able to build up some kind simple example to integrate the cordova In App Purchases plugin in Ionic 2 ?


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If you also got this “Error Authentication is required.You need to sign into your google account” issue with Android
this post helped me a lot -

Does anyone know how I can specify the ‘developer payload’ for android purchases using the native ionic2 inAppPurchase plugin?


I would recommend to have a look at this app template that includes in-app-purchase feature to show how to manage consumables and non-consumables items in Ionic 2 Framework.

Looks like the underlying plugin of is no longer maintained.

Any chances we get ionic-native for another plugin like ?


Thread is a bit dated, but just wanted to let everyone know that still works and still seems to be maintained. There’s a call for maintainers in the GitHub repo, but last commit within a few months.

I use it on both, Android and iOS. Not sure how it’ll be long-term.

Same question here. Urgent indeed :frowning: