Ionic meetup Zürich



This is the very first time ever, that I create a meetup group, not joking.

If you are around Zürich and looking to share, exchange, discuss Ionic and it’s ecosystem IRL, join the group :slight_smile:

Also don’t miss this poll, I would like to know what you are interested in


Reed Richards aka Peter Peter Parker aka David


We are looking for a volunteer speaker who would like to talk about Progressive Web App (PWA) and Ionic during one of the next Ionic Zürich meetup. If interested, drop me a pm or write me at, you may earn a cookie :smile:


Nice and great initiative

Next time Amsterdam



For those around Zürich, the next Ionic Zürich meetup will take place the 25th January 2018 and will have PWA as main subject. I’ll try my best to introduce the subject, but if you would like to talk or present some code, that would be wonderful :wink:


The next Ionic Zürich meetup will take place Thursday 15th February. The idea is to share tips & tricks. If you are around and willing to share some hacks, would be cool, drop me a msg

From my side I gonna show

  • Android quirks to handle a not expected restart of the app on a device running on low memory

  • How to import a StencilJS web components into a Ionic (v3) project


In yesterday meetup, we had a look to:

A repo regarding the Cordova quirks for Android:

The integration of a Stencil web component in Ionic with the help of a well documented repo of @AaronSterling :


Around Zürich next Thursday? You have questions, are facing issues or want to display a cool feature regarding the Ionic eco-system? Don’t miss our next meetup :grinning: