Ionic Local-Notification Click Event Not working properly when App is closed


Can you please help me? I have an issue with ionic local notifications click event. Its working when the app is not closed and i click on a local-notification. But if the app is closed and i click on the local- notification the app just opens the default view.

But normally a specific view(in this case: IssuePage) should open when the app is closed and i click on a local-notification. The onClick event is not recognized.

This is my code:

this.localNotifications.on(‘click’).subscribe(success => {

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
this.navController.setRoot(IssuePage, {

  day: this.nativeStorage.getItem('Day'),

  issueKey: this.nativeStorage.getItem('IssueKey'),

  issueType: this.nativeStorage.getItem('IssueType'), 

  issueSummary: this.nativeStorage.getItem('IssueSummary'), 

  page: this.nativeStorage.getItem('Page'), 

  worklog: this.nativeStorage.getItem('Worklog'),

  searchInput: this.nativeStorage.getItem('SearchInput')