Is possible to make an event when clicked on local notification while app closed?

As a title

I searched a lot for something that allows me to make an event when I clicked on local notification icon while the application closed.

I mean as usual, after click on notification icon then the app opened… so I want to make an event after open the app

Is that possible in ionic ? If possible please help me

Yes it is,

you can use FCM plugin, and read the documentation on FCM.

have fun exploring.


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But as I know FCM can be used with firebase notification

Or its can be used with local notification !

you are refering to local notification or fcm notification?

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As I wrote “local” and as I think there is no way to do that :frowning:

have you try this?

Actually “yes”

I checked on click event but as I guess it doesn’t work if the application was closed

How about

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Thank u so much

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Can you share how you implemented that in your app, possibly via Ionic Native? There don’t seem to be many examples of that online.

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I have same problem. How did you solve?