No Local Notification Callback on Closed Application

Hi All,

So i’ve been trying to dig around and find out the solution to this issue, however I couldn’t find anything with a close enough solution. Here is the scenario:

When a user receives a scheduled notification and clicks it (to get into the app) a specific item should be shown.

This should be easily achieved using the callback system for the local notification plugin. i.e

this.localNotifications.on('click').subscribe(notification => {
  var CallbackParams =;

And it works perfectly well if the app is running in the foreground or; the background (not closed from multi-tasking). However when the notification is triggered whilst the application is not running at all (completely killed) then no callback parameters are received on the application opening.

A few github issues have been raised with this problem, with most being closed as the issue appears to have been fixed in one of the v0.9.0 beta’s. Some are saying the ionic wrapper is not updated, others are saying the issue is with the actual cordova plugin.

If anyone has any information on resolving this issue, or knows that using the cordova version rather than the ionic version makes a difference, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

  • Matt