Ionic livereload: wrong IP address is used


After I configured the address with ionic address and selected localhost, I’m trying to use ionic serve -l to run my app with livereload, on my browser at first.
The compilation goes, the first page opens, on /ioniclab. I then browse to http://localhost:8100 and problems start. The browser tries to connect to… If I refresh my page, the localhost is used, I can access my app, and do some changes on my files.

On my terminal, I can see that Ionic is watching he changes made, displaying like HTML changed: www/partials/home/home.html.
BUT : nothing changes in the browser, and Ionic doesn’t start to re-serve the modified files. Plus, the browser tries (and fails) to connect to ws://, when Ionic says Running live reload server: http://localhost:35729

It may be worth mentionning that my www folder is generated with, I don’t know if that comes in the way. It seems strange anyway since Ionic watchs [ 'www/**/*', '!www/lib/**/*' ]

I tried with another project, with everything directly into the www folder and no task runners, and the livereload seems to work smoothly. But that one is really simple, and I really need Brunch system on my real app :confused:

Anybody has a clue on what it could be ?
Thanks in advance

EDIT: after a second try, even the simple app with no task runner fails… :frowning: Still a try on which does not exist…

Would you be able to post an issue for this on the cli’s repo

The issue is posted :slight_smile:

Did this every got solved?

I am having trouble with livereload too.

Everything runs fine with -livereload for device and emulator but once there is no -livereload, it can’t access to www/img or www/templates…

Is there a specific way to manage resource for Ionic app?