LiverReload on device don't work


(sorry for my english)

i need to refresh device to check code about camera.
I can read on ionic CLI that we can use flag --livereload

But when i do :
ionic run android -l

I have message :

“multiple address available”
"Please select …"
3) <virtualBox Host-only Network #2>

I choice option 1
i have error on device :

Application Error
_Network Error _

So i refresh adress :
ionic address

—>same message to choice address ip for ionic but this time i have one more option :

3) <virtualBox Host-only Network #2>
_4) localhost

i have try all combination between ionic address and ionic run android -l
Specially, like CLI ask, same local network. So option 1) in two cases
But Error application cause error network always happen.

Information :
run android without --livereload works perfectly.
my device is on android 5.0.2 ( so web socket are ok )

Thanks you for your help