Ionic live deploy works on "auto" mode but no on "background" mode

I have tried using the Ionic Pro live deploy, and successfully linked my app to the Ionic dashboard, and also pushed the required versions.

So now in Ionic dashboard I have 2 versions: one is: “With some text”, and one is: “Without some text”,
while the actual change in just adding some: “Hello” in P tag.

I am trying to switch between those versions in order to test the functionality of this feature.

When making change by clicking “Deploy” in the Ionic dashboard while the plugin is installed in the app as:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ionic --save
–variable APP_ID=“MY_APP_ID”
–variable CHANNEL_NAME=“Production”
–variable UPDATE_METHOD="auto"

It tells that there is a new update and I have confirm to update and ignore it,
When clicking “Update”, it re-ask this again - for something like 3 times over and over,
finally when going on from this part, the app is really updated.

When installing the plugin the same plugin but just changing mode to background instead of auto,
nothing happens when I make an update.

Lets lay those question in sort:

  1. Why does it not working on background updates?
  2. Should the user re-start (kill) the app in order to see those updates? Could not those updates be appeared even when app in live or just minimized?
  3. As I can see, I can install the plugin for a specific channel, but how to I “subscribe” a user for multiple rooms? Every user should be “listening” for only one room at a time? If yes, how could I make the A/B testing that Ionic team talk about? I need everybody listening to production, and some users listening to “staging” so I can push updates only for them.
    Instead, now if I want to achieve that, I should install only staging for specific testers and this is not good.

I just want to push a live deploy for a specific channel in background, and still have the ability to let users “subscribe” for specific required channels.

How this could be done?