Ionic list's slow with 200 items


I have array with over 200 items, it was showed after loading page 1-2 second. And when scrolling that list has issue on my mobile, it’s slow and lag.

Anyone got the same issue? Any suggestion or solution are welcome.

Android scrolling lag

Could you paste an example of your list definition? Are you using ng-repeat or collection-repeat? The latter is recommended for lists of such size :wink:


I’m using ng-repeat
You can check my sample in

One more thing about list, how’s about list with 1000 items. There is a way to load that list when scrolling to bottom or I have to split it and show in other page?

And thank for reply me too quickly :slight_smile:


You may want to consider using collection-repeat instead of ng-repeat. It’s a little more work though. One problem with collection-repeat is that it does not support the option buttons that your sample is using.

Also, consider using AngularJS’s new one time binding.!


Thank @Calendee, let me try


would collection-repeat work with pull to refresh and infinite scroll ?


Yes, I use it with both.