Collection-repeat 100 item list choppy performance

I have been having choppy performance issues with both ng-repeat and collection-repeat on lists great than 100 items.

I’ve gone back and forth between ng-repeat and collection-repeat. Both have choppy performance.

I also made sure that my inline thumbs were already resized so that they didn’t need to be resized on the fly. Still having issues.

Any tips out there to make this perform better? Everything else on the app is so smooth it’s really stands out.

I’ve read through all similar items on Forum and can’t seem to find a fix.

and example of your code would be nice.

are you adding the 100 items from the first time or you are loading it 10 items and you implemented infinitescroll functionality ?

the more info you give, the better help you get

Like @zaher has suggested, could you provide any code examples?