Scrolling is slow


I’m new to ionicframework / angularjs. I noticed app developed in ionic has slower on scrolling as compared to facebook app. can you please tell me how can increase scroll amount


It can be a number of things really,

are you using list ng-repeat how you placing your content on the view

more info

Since you’re a beginner like me, you could be interested in this awesomness :

As for the scrolling itself, on my Nexus 5 it’s OK as long as I’m not trying to add calculations or behavior depending on it, otherwise it’s slow, but I’m a beginner like you so I still have a lot to learn :smile:

Yes using ng-repeat but should not effect scrolling as its already complete?

please check my codes below:

<ion-content class="has-header">
      <div class="col-xs-6 relative" ng-repeat="make in makes">
      	<div class="main panorama panorama-make"><a href="{{make.url}}"><img ng-src="{{make.image}}" alt="{{}}" title="{{}}" /></a>
        <div class="sub"><h3><span class="label label-default">{{}}</span></h3></div>

This should not be a problem… If I had to guess I would say maybe the images are very wide ?

So when I run into this problem my solution to this was the following.

  1. track by $index --> look into this if you do a google search you will find plenty of information
  2. limitTo --> this will the amount of list items you render its unnecessary to render 1000’s of item the user can’t see limit the number your render each time. this together with ionic infinite scrolling you can add more items to the list as needed before the user hits the last item. making it seem like the list is infinite

Try those to solution and see how that improves your performance. You could also look into ng-bind

Included these two links for your reference

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