Ionic latest version (1.7.14) pinch zoom is not working

I tried to follow a very simple example from here:
but it seems like the zooming functionality (using ion-scroll) has been broken in the new version.

I then also tried to do it in a different way shown here:
The zoom didn’t work with the above example too. Is there an y workaround.

My app is going to be based on this feature and need this feature to work.

You can disable native scroll view. Here is the details: Android: zoomBy, zoomTo are marked as deprecated in native scrool view because of jsScrolling=false

Spot on!

As stated above by @anatolys, Setting the following value in my app.js worked and now my pinch zoom works.

.config(function($ionicConfigProvider) { $ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(true); })

Resolution of problem…