Zooming with ionic 1.2

zooming with android devices and ionic 1.2.1 is not working
it works with the iOS emulator and was working with ionic 1.1
do you have the same problem?
is this fixed in version 1.2.2 ?

i see that i am not the only one having this problem:

Yes, 1.2 has not been good to me! Ion-scroll is not working and I seem be getting very little response here on the forum on other issues as well. Lots of questions here but do not seem to be getting help.

issue solved by adding: overflow-scroll=“false”

thanks to these posts:



my image now is set to the top of the window. It does zoom, but is limited to just the area of the image.

Could you share your code to show what you have done to make this work?



what do you mean by this ?

What ever the height of the image is when it opens, it will zoom the image but will only show the size of the original image, not zoom to cover rest of screen.

I think I have it figured out. I removed the zooming="true"assuming this was going away in 1.2.0. I misread the bug and see that that was my mistake all along and went back to my original css and setup that was working 1.0.1.

Works like a charm!

I needed “pinch to zoom” so I threw in an ion-scroll with zooming=“true”. I didn’t have any expectations, and indeed it didn’t work, but “overflow-scroll=false” did the trick. Magic!