Android: zoomBy, zoomTo are marked as deprecated in native scrool view because of jsScrolling=false


I use both zoomBy and zoomTo of $ionicScrollDelegate to zoom photos in photo viewer:

When I updated my project to the latest ionic (1.1.1->1.2.4), I find the problem on Android: zoomBy, zoomTo are marked as deprecated in the navite ScrollView because of the jsScrolling default:
ionic.bundle.js 6935:

zoomTo: function() { depreciated('zoomTo'); },
zoomBy: function() { depreciated('zoomBy'); },
activatePullToRefresh: function() { depreciated('activatePullToRefresh'); },

ionic.bundle.js 52151:

setPlatformConfig('android', {
scrolling: {
jsScrolling: false

According to the documentation:

Whether to use JS or Native scrolling. Defaults to native scrolling. Setting this to
true has the same effect as setting each ion-content to have overflow-scroll=‘false’.

I can set overflow-scroll in my ion-content, but it does not help:

 <ion-content overflow-scroll='false'>
       <ion-scroll ...>

Now I have reverted the jsSetting default in my config:

.config(function($ionicConfigProvider) {

But may be you know more elegance solution.

Thanks in advance.


Did you find any more elegant solution on this? I am having the same problem with zoomBy on Android platform.

For awhile there is no solution because of both zoomTo and zoomBy do not have implementation when jsScrolling is false.