Ionic Keyboard Plugin - Hiding Autocomplete / Auto Suggestion



I need please some guidance on how to hide the keyboard’s Auto Complete/Spell

Plugins version :

  1. Ionic Keyboard Plugin :
  2. Latest Cordova 3.5
  3. Ionic, v1.0.0-beta.12
  4. Android 4.1.1 - HTC X ONE + - Testing Device


  • I do not have any HTML input elements to add autocomplete="off" spellcheck="false" as suggested in many forums. + Never tested if it works within an Android Webview.

  • My Keyboard Shows/Hide upon tag gestures and typed text is being appended within a <div> element

Autocomplete/Spell does not show every time the keyboard is toggled but most of time.

  • Weird behavior while typing. Typing is lagging.
  • Pressing space would act as backspace and deletes characters
  • Tapping on a suggested word does not return the element of being correct and freezes the app.

These behaviors happen only when the Suggestion bar appear. As I mentioned, most of the time…

How do you controle the keyboard within a cordova/ionic project. Many android forums suggest in order to disable this feature you should add :




That is added to Android Editext if I understand correctly, but here it is not a native application and there are no EditText.(or html inputs)

I believe the file located at : Project\plugins\com.ionic.keyboard\src\android\ is handling the keyboard behavior?
I am not familiar with Java language but could anyone advise if this is the file that should be modified? and what to add exaclty?

Thank you for the great framework :slight_smile: