Disable keyboard suggestions or predictive functionality of device programmatically for Ionic app

Hi All,
I’m using Ionic 3/Angular 4/Android 6 and I want to disable predictive functionality (autocorrect, autocomplete, spellcheck) on input field like if I start typing “app” then it should not respond possible solutions in device soft keypad.

I’v tried
<ion-input type=“text” autocorrect=“false” autocomplete=“false” spellcheck="false"
<ion-input type=“text” autocorrect=“off” autocomplete=“off” spellcheck=“false”

both are not working

Also I tried to change name of the field to password
<ion-input type=“text” name="password"
This is also not working.

Any help will be appreciated

no I didn’t try because my input type is “text”

@vaibhav915 Did you solve it?

Did you solve?

With predictive activated the ion-searchbar component fails on clear button is pressed