Ionic iOS iCloud Keychain not available

I’m trying to access the shared iCloud Keychain in my Ionic application, but it’s not working.

I have another MacOS app that writes some data under this path:

And these data are available and shared within another iOS app of mine, so the iCloud keychain works.

Now I’m trying to connect it to a third Ionic app. In Xcode I have enabled SignIn&Capabilities > Keychain Sharing > KeychainGroup as com.myAccount (same as in the iOS and MacOS apps), and then wrote this code

import { Keychain } from '@ionic-native/keychain/ngx';

let keychainId = ''
let keychainTokensId = 'token'

let keychain = new Keychain()
  .then(value => console.log('Got value', value))
  .catch(err => console.error('Error getting', err));

But it always returns null. (I’ve tested on a real device with the correct AppleId and some data under that keychain path)

NB: in my iOS and MacOS app the Keychain Group (com.myAccount) differs from the path I use to store the data (, I don’t know if this may cause some problem, anyway on iOS-MacOS keychain sharing works.

What am I missing?