Ionic and iOS Keychain

Hey all!

I’ve been trying for the past couple days to integrate the iOS keychain into an Ionic 2 app for my company, in hopes of evolving that capability sometime into a single sign on implementation across all our apps within the company. However, I have tried using both cordova-plugin-ios-keychain found at as well as cordova-plugin-keychain-touch-id found at, to no avail.

After authenticating the user’s text input login through our own API, I can see logs placed immediately before any kind of method using the Keychain. Once it hits any method using either of those Keychain libraries, it will never hit any of the success or failure callbacks. No success logs, no failures, no errors, nothing. Just stops.

I am using them via:

declare let cordova: any;

I have also gone through the Entitlements in my XCode project in attempts to enable Keychain Sharing, also with no results.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be infinitely appreciated.

@ckouns did you find any solution?

May be this is helpful for you.