"Keychain Sharing" / CLI / ionic emulate


What is the command to enable “Keychain Sharing” to use through the command line?

Apparently, leaving it enabled inside Xcode is not enough.

Currently I need to compile through Xcode and I would like to do via CLI.

So… While this is not solved… I need to run “ionic build ios” before compiling for XCode every time?

Is this issue resolved, are you able to share the keychain between ionic apps if you have to compile through xcode

You would probably have some kind of Cordova plugin that takes care to enable this in the generated iOS project. If you only open the project in iOS and change it there, the changes will be overwritte on the next virgin build.

There is no Cordova plugin and when I am turning on key sharing from Xcode for the ionic app, key sharing doesn’t seem to be working.