Ionic image zooming issue inside ion-scroll

Hello guys,

I am quite new on Ionic and I am trying to implement a scrollable image gallery. All the examples I found, have a common behavior that I don’t like and I would like to remove it, I tried several things but till now without success.

I started form this one:
First of all, the zooming was not working on the device, to have it working I had to put overflow-scroll=“false” in the ion-scroll tag.

The behavior I don’t like in this gallery is that when you zoom the image in the gallery and then you start scrolling up or down, the scroll doesn’t stop on the image’s edge but it continues. In some cases, depending on the zoom level, the image goes completely outside of the screen.

I have also tried to use ng-src instead to put the image as background and played around but no luck.

So, I would like to stop the scroll on the image’s edge, like tripadvisor or facebook .

Is there any easy way to achieve this behavior?

I have also tried this one: but it has the same behavior.

Thank you!


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I have exactly the same issue!
I can’t figure out a solution :frowning: