Ionic history navigation issue in tabs when having query params in url

Hi All,

I am currently working on a simple application where I noticed a strange behavior (at least I thought it to be). Say I have the following tab structure,

  • tabs home - this is the base abstract view on which below views fit in
  • Home tab
  • Search tab - this is the nested abstract view and has two child views ‘category’ and ‘result’
  • About tab
  • Settings tab

Here’s what happens,

  • App launches and lands on Home tab
  • I navigate to Search tab which loads the ‘category’ page
  • In Search tab I click from a list of items (#/tabs/search/category)
  • It navigates to the ‘result’ page with the selected ‘category’ as query param (#/tabs/search/result?query=something) and shows the back button. So far everything is good.
  • Now being the ‘result’ page, I click on the About tab
  • Again I click on the Search tab and it shows the ‘result’ page but the url now is (#/tabs/search/result)
  • I clicked on ‘back’ button in the nav bar and nothing happens
  • On checking the history from $ionicHistory.viewHistory(), noticed that when navigating from Search tab to About tab, ionic added #/tabs/search/result to the history stack on top of #tabs/search/result?query=something. So, basically the current view is trying to navigate back to the same view.
  • To overcome this currently I had to avoid using query params or try to visit any other tab and come back to the Search tab something like,

Home->Search category->Search result->About->Search result (back doesn’t work at this point)->About->Search result (now back works)

I forked a codepen which demonstrate tabs and modified the code to illustrate the above issue -

Please do help me with the issue.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


have you got a fix or workaroud for this?