Ionic + Gulp Workflow


What benefits can I get from adding gulp to my ionic app development workflow? Can you guys share how you work with them together?

Thank you.

Hey @vasconcelloslf

LevelUpTuts+ do a great short series on learning gulp.

What gulp allows you to do is automate the workflow when working with Ionic.

Repetitive tasks like compiling Sass, minifying css & js, compressing images etc can be time consuming to do manually, so all gulp really does is just automate these tasks for you, usually when certain files that you’ve nominated changed.

At present I use it just for compiling my sass and fonts etc. but looking to expand this a bit more.

Would love to hear if anyone has come up with any other useful Gulp recipes for Ionic development. I was thinking perhaps using it to speed up git check ins or building production images etc.

Are you using gulp-autoprefixer. That’s a must, not sure why the starter app’s don’t include that gulp module out of the box.

Thanks for the heads up - I just checked out gulp-autoprefixer and it looks like a cool package - might install that one tonight.

This is the sort of thing I am talking about - there must be a myriad of gulp packages out there that will be useful for Angular/Ionic projects.

In the same vein, I have been looking for Sublime Text extensions to help as well - found some good packages for prettying up code display and formatting etc. Must be some good Angular based ones out there that I have missed.

I highly suggest you take a look at the Yeoman Ionic Generator which is absolutely awesome

For me the biggest benefits of using gulp are speed and modularity, which allows very fine grain control over my workflow.
When using the yeoman generator, I felt it was too bloated with stuff I didn’t need and too slow sometimes for recompilation and live reload. I also think that gulp’s syntax is far easier to read and understand than Grunt’s which is especially helpful when working in teams.
I recently wrote a blog post about my workflow with gulp + ionic:
I hope it helps!
Update: I published a Yeoman generator for Ionic with Gulp:


Hey @tmaximini, this was exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Thanks.