Correct / recommended way of building html, sass and fonts

As part of my test cycle I need to build html, sass and fonts, but I don’t need to bundle (or anything else).

My current solution imports ionic-app-lib and hooks into the various Build.* functions in the v2 lib.

Recently you guys have re-introduced a gulpfile containing these tasks, but you don’t seem to use it during ionic build or ionic serve.

Is using those tasks in gulpfile.js recommended, or ionic-app-lib, or something else?


So if I understand correctly you want to

  1. compile sass to css
  2. move font’s to www/
  3. move html over

So the gulpfile we’ve introduced is going to contain all the build logic that the CLI has. We’ll be expanding it more and more as time goes so that anything the CLI is doing, is just being done through gulp.

Perfect, thanks a lot. Will hook straight into gulp.