I need a simple advice of the best practice using Gulp

Hello guys! I am developing an app using Ionic and hired a developer to help me with the API.

In the beginning the app was fully ionic and it worked with “ionic serve” and all ionic commands. But now he deleted the www folder and now I have to deploy it using gulp command on terminal.

I know that gulp is built inside ionic projects but is it a good practice to start compiling everything using “gulp” command and activating live reload and things like that in the gulp file or it is better to continue using “ionic build”,
“ionic serve”, “ionic…” and preserve the structure like a normal ionic project.

I am not a web developer, that’s why I need your expertise because I feel comfortable making the UI after watching tutorials and this way using gulp makes it a little bit harder.

And finally if possible, when will you recommend using gulp to manage this, from the beginning or before going live?

Thank you very much!!!