Ionic Gradle error when building android project

Hey, I am using android studio version 3.5 and when I add a platform to my project using Cordova Cordova platform add android@6.3.0 after adding a platform to my project when I sync my project to the android studio, I am getting this error in every project. and I have to do some changes in AndroidManifest.xml and build.gradle and then all I can build APK properly. but I have to avoid these changes anyone helps me that how can I avoid these errors?
the screenshots of errors are as follow:

  1. Wrapper error:

  2. minSdkVersion error:

Thank you in advance…

Waiting for your reply…

Try the npm install for fix same package broken!

If not fix… Delete the folder platform and www in your project and try to build again!

i have tried that but didn’t work…